Thomas Bauer | Expert Appraiser for home / residential and allotment gardens

Do you need an appraisal or assessment of your garden or trees?

Do you need professional support with a horticultural problem on your garden land or property?

For residential and allotment gardens, I’m happily supporting you with both words and practical actions providing everything from official valuation of your trees, through damage documentation, to scope of work analysis and assessment for garden and landscape projects … talk to me!

Your regional expert, Thomas Bauer Engineer | Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) in Augsburg | Bavaria

Publicly appointed and sworn by the Swabian government (2009), I am a certified appraiser and expert in the field of residential and allotment gardens.

Our services:

Comprehensive foliage valuation

Full appraisal report: description, measurement, and condition assessment of your specimen trees, groves and general woody plantings (vine, shrubbery, hedge, topiary, foliage, etc.

Appraisal of allotment garden plots, tracts & allotment gardens

Allotment gardens, graveyard gardens & cemetery plots, and railway adjacent agricultural parcels/tracts

Appraisal of home and residential gardens

House gardens, residential green spaces, shared commons for apartment buildings, multi-family/higher density communities, public green spaces, and leisure gardens

Additional Services

  • Seminars & lectures
  • Tree control
  • Garden planning & landscaping
  • Environmental construction supervision
  • Construction supervision
  • Decreases
  • Control
  • Species protection examination

Your horticultural expert and gardening appraiser

A simplifying designation for the activities is the designation of the horticultural expert or gardening expert. The area of ​​house and allotment gardens is a „very broad field“ from A to Z, such as acceptance and rejection of claims.

Your expert for gardens and trees

As additional services, you can find out more about the following services under Additional services.

• Expertise for gardening and landscaping
• Expertise for gardening and landscaping
• Expert opinion for horticulture (commercial horticulture)
• Tree control & tree cadastre

Detailansicht der Schnittstelle mit sichtbaren Schadinsekten etc.

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